The Open Prediction by Matt Johnson


“I love when the magic is hidden in plain sight and yet completely invisible. This is a well thought-out solution to a timeless plot.” – Max Krause “Matt has created a solid effect. I particularly like the gimmicked version, but the other three are equally as strong. I love how he teaches, too. It’s like spending an afternoon with Matt!” – Titanas “Brilliant. It gives me goosebumps! Super clever and super clean. You are a genius!” – Ted Outerbridge “Great solutions for this plot and great value for the money!” – Peter Eggink “Absolutely Love this!!!” – Steve Choi “That is FU#*!NG DOPE! Really nice!” – Kathy Carini/Murphy’s Magic “WOW, you nailed it! That was worth every penny. I love the impromptu version the best!” – Jeffrey Lockett “Just watched. Absolutely superb! Cannot get any better than this! Very well put together.” – Glenn Moulds “This has to be one of the most ingenious and deceptive methods I have seen! Even Paul Curry would have been proud!” – Mozique “Loved it! Great thinking, wonderful methods. Matt Johnson is our favorite magician!” – Young & Strange THE EFFECT The performer borrows a deck of cards and has the spectator thoroughly shuffle the deck. The performer then makes a prediction by placing a single playing card face up on the table so its face can be seen right from the start of the effect. Let’s say it’s the Five of Clubs. The deck is then handed face down to the spectator, who is instructed to start dealing cards from the top of the deck onto the table by turning each card face up. At any time, the spectator can stop on any card and, without turning it over, deals it face down on the table. The spectator places it next to the face-up prediction made moments ago. The spectator may now keep dealing cards face up, if they desire, to prove there are no duplicates. When the face-down card dealt by the spectator is flipped over, it is seen to be the exact mate of the face-up predicted card: the Five of Spades – perfect!! The deck is now handed back. It’s normal. Nothing was added or taken away, and the trick can be repeated instantly! Read all of that again because every word is a true description of The Open Prediction by Matt Johnson! CONSIDER THE FOLLOWING TRUE STATEMENTS ABOUT THIS EFFECT! THE DECK IS NORMAL AND BORROWED! THE SPECTATOR SHUFFLES THE DECK AND THE MAGICIAN DOES NOT ALTER THE ORDER! A SINGLE PREDICTION CARD IS REMOVED FROM THE DECK AND PLACED FACE UP ON THE TABLE WHERE IT STAYS THROUGHOUT THE PERFORMANCE! THE SPECTATOR DEALS THROUGH THE CARDS AND STOPS ON ANY CARD THEY WISH. THEY PLACE THIS CARD (SIGHT UNSEEN) NEXT TO THE FACE-UP PREDICTION! THE SPECTATOR CAN KEEP DEALING THROUGH THE CARDS AFTER THEIR FREE SELECTION, PROVING THERE ARE NO DUPLICATES IN THE DECK! THE FREELY CHOSEN CARD IS FLIPPED FACE UP AND IS THE EXACT, PERFECT MATE OF THE PREDICTION CARD! NOTHING ADDED OR TAKEN AWAY FROM THE DECK! EASY TO DO! INSTANTLY RESETS!