The Magic of Puppets


The Magic of Puppets – Colin Dymond – Double DVD EXCLUSIVE

Always wanted to include puppets in your show, and don’t know where to begin?
Afraid that you need to be a ventriloquist?
Got a puppet and don’t know what to do with it?
Want to do some magic with your puppet?

If the answer to any of the above is Yes, you need The Magic of Puppets!

“The DVD with magic of puppets is extremely good.”

CR (Sweden)

· Watch a LIVE puppet show:  the warm-up, the magic and the fun!
· See a puppet magically printing a birthday card!
· Listen to the reaction as a dog eats some hankies!
· Find out how the tricks are done.
· Learn how to go about choosing a puppet: what to look for and what to avoid!
· Get advice on arm puppets vs. hand puppets. What’s the difference?
· How to hold a puppet – and how not to!
· See a wide range of ‘staging’ for a puppet – from simple to advanced.
· Learn how to make a puppet show emotions. It’s easy and fun!
· Want to include sound without ventriloquism? We’ll show you how!
· See demonstrations of lots of other magic props you can use.

It’s all here on 2 DVDs crammed with advice, tips and ideas!

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