*Tenyo – Sword Reward


An impossible, yet visual, transposition! The gimmick built into this box enables you to perform an instantaneous transposition so impossible it will cause audiences to question their own eyes. This close-up effect creates the same visual surprise as a large-scale stage illusion. 1. Place a star-shaped ring and a 50 yen Japanese coin into the transparent box, and cover with the lid. Insert a sword into the box, passing through the coin’s hole. 2. Both ends of the sword protrude from the box at the top and bottom, so it is impossible to remove the 50 yen coin from the sword. 3. With a single shake of the box, the coin is released, and the ring magically penetrates onto the sword in its place! – Instructions include an alternate presentation in which your spectator selects an object to penetrate off the sword. – In place of the 50 yen coin, you may also use any coins with a hold in the middle or a metal washer available at any hardware store.

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