SOLVED by Subrata Banerjee


EFFECT: Imagine showing a blank CROSSWORD PUZZLE from a newspaper and, with a shake, it is entirely solved! INCLUDES BONUS IDEAS: It doesn’t end here. You can even reveal any PREDICTION (card, name, number) – the possibilities are endless! Magician DYNAMO performed something similar on his Magician Impossible series. You can make the gimmick with any newspaper having a CROSSWORD PUZZLE, in any language You don’t have to actually solve the puzzle The paper can be examined (after switching it instantly) and you end up clean! Note: You can ‘actually’ switch a fully sized newspaper Very EASY TO DO Great for close-up and stage In-depth video instruction INSTANT RESET If you love powerful and highly visual magic, then SOLVED is for you. You can perform it on stage, close-up or walk-around. This powerful reputation maker would look great when you upload it on your social media platforms. SUPPLIES ARE EASILY AVAILABLE