Sarcio by Kaan Akdogan


Sarcio is Kaan Akdogan’s take on the self-healing hole plot. Imagine this: a card is selected and a hole is punched in it. Magically, the card slowly and visually heals itself. What makes this extraordinary is that that you have the option to give the healed card out as a souvenir! Above all, the method behind this is very unique and easy to handle. In this 20 minute download, you will learn: – How to make you own gimmick – How to put everything into the full effect (from having the card selected to handing it out as a souvenir) – NO flaps – NO invisible thread – NO trap doors If you are ready to learn a visual, slow-mo restoration, Kaan Akdogan is ready to teach it to you… Welcome to Sarcio!