Milking It – Jozo Bozo Double DVD


If you have never seen Jozo Bozo perform, you are in for a real treat. He lives in Croatia, and is one of the busiest kid show performers in his country. He is truly a master.  You will receive two DVDs in this set. One is performance only. You can watch Jozo Bozo do his act in front of real live kids. Kids who are having the best time ever! You can see it in their faces and hear it in their laughter. Even if Jozo Bozo never explained what he was doing and why he was doing it, just watching him work would be worth the price of the DVDs. But, he does explain, and he explains everything. Starting with an introduction by famed kidshow performer Silly Billy, the second DVD teaches it all.

The key point in all of Jozo Bozo’s routines is “milking,” getting the very most response out of the very least in props. For example, his silk routine, which runs about ten minutes, uses just one silk and no other props. And, it is entertaining and funny and has the kids going nuts. No “stretching” here. Just “milking.”You will learn exactly how Jozo Bozo packs his magic case for each show. A lesson in economy.  You will learn all of his bits of business and routines, including the thinking behind them.  If you are a kidshow performer now, or plan to enter the field, this DVD set is an absolute must.

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