Magofobia by Sandro Loporcaro (Amazo)


In this video two revisited effects that Sandro Loporcaro has presented several times on television are explained. Both are suitable for close-up and presentable presentations in all situations:SIGNED COIN IN SUGAR PACKETOne signed coin is covered with a scarf and disappears. The magician reaches into his pocket and pulls out 4 sugar packets numbered from 1 to 4. The audience freely chooses which numbered packet to open. The magician opens the chosen packet to amazingly find the signed coin.- Easy to do- No reel- No magnet- No wire- No thumb tipRISING CARD FROM WAISTCOAT POCKETA chosen card is torn into pieces and a corner is left to the audience. The magician puts the other pieces in his waistcoat pocket and with a gesture removes the reassembled card in tact except for the missing corner.- Easy to do- No external thread to pull- The card is always under your control- No elastic- The jacket can be opened before and after- No electronic device