Learn a Magic Trick by Stephen Ablett


This download features over 40 simple, easy-to-learn magic tricks that you can master in minutes and perform for your family and friends. Split over 30 chapters with a full animated index menu, it is easy to jump straight to the tricks you want to learn and with close-up shots to see all the special moves, you’ll be performing these trick in no-time. This feature is suitable for both adults and children. All the effects require items found around the home and include magic such as the pen through a banknote which can be seen below. The effects you will learn include:

Pencil Through Banknote
Crazy Compass
Paddle Sticks
Amazing Colour Prediction
Connecting Paperclips
Jumping Bands
Optical Tricks
Joining Paperclips
Pencil Tricks
Pen Tricks
Object Vanish
Band Through Thumb
Swings & Circles
Penetrating Matches
Dice Prediction
Calculated Dice
Instant Ice
Cut Here
Balancing Coins
Sugarcube Phenomena
Ghost Writing
Cut & Restored String
Torn & Restored Card
Shake, Rattle & Roll
Afghan Rings
4 Ace Trick
Hanky Tricks
Thumb Thru Ear
Final Words