Juggle-Light LED Juggling Club – Multi Light (Single Club)


This offering from Juggle-Light is a budget LED option that doesn’t disappoint.

The one-piece clubs have been fitted with an LED kit in the knob and head.

Significantly cheaper than professional composite club choices from brands like Concentrate and Kosmos but still a lot of fun and visually impressive. A great choice for hobby jugglers looking for nighttime fun.

The clubs are very durable. The rounded knobs also make these suitable for club swinging.

Please note that the price is for one club.

LED Colours:

  1. White LED light.
  2. Yellow LED light.
  3. Orange LED light.
  4. Red LED light.
  5. Pink LED light.
  6. Purple LED light.
  7. Green LED light.
  8. Blue LED light.
  9. Turquoise LED light.
  10. Fade (slowly changes from colour to colour)
  11. Strobe (fast flashing)
  12. Alternating (Pauses on each colour and changes colour in a snap)

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