How to Read Minds Kit – Ellusionist and Peter Turner


The ‘How To Read Minds’ kit is for EVERYONE who wants to be the life of ANY party or social situation. The normal, everyday person who wants to be anything but normal.
Even if you know a little bit of mind-reading already, you’ll still get tremendous value from this kit. This isn’t just for beginners, it’s for EVERYONE looking to gain or improve the skill of reading minds. It’s so comprehensive, even the pros will learn a lot here.

The SECRETS inside this kit will give YOU the ability to:
– Know the unlock code to anyone’s phone.
– Reveal any word they think of.
– See inside their mind & pull out a thought.
– Predict someone’s choices before they make them.
– Know their 4-digit credit card PIN.
– Draw the exact object they secretly drew.
– Guess a serial number on a borrowed bill.
– Predict the total of randomly-generated numbers… works every time!
– & MUCH MUCH MORE (over 20 techniques taught).

The kit contains over 20 powerful techniques for mind-reading and 14 special items that sit in plain sight. Including:
– Custom printed book. They can choose a word from ANY page and you’ll know exactly what that word is.
– Custom Credit Card with 3 powerful secrets.
– Custom Wallet will allow you to know information without EVER touching it.
– Custom notepad for the equation to end all equations.
+ 10 MORE specially designed props.

In mind-reading circles, we call these ‘organic props’. They look so natural and so fair, it’s impossible for any stranger to conceive that it’s helping you in ANY way.
Most of the props in this kit will never be seen by the people whose minds you’re reading… They stay in the background and help YOU read minds.

• Ellusionist quality.
• The video instructions are in English, as well as any writing on the objects provided.

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