Clear Prediction Ladder by Kreis


The clear prediction ladder from Kreis has to be seen to be believed. Crystal clear acrylic ladder and clear dice mean there is nothing to hide, no method to find, the dice are specially gimmicked to work perfectly every time!

Get the precise dice numbers you want every time!!

Everything, the glass, base, ladder and the dice are transparent yet your predictions will be spot on!

You can do this on a normal table or instruct a spectator to hold the ladder.

Prior to the effect, spectators may throw the dice to be sure they are “normal” and, spectators may place the dice into the ladder themselves. This is completely different from previous dice towers. The ladder is so versatile that it can be used anywhere! Not just on a table but EVEN in the air!

Ladder Combo Set includes a glass, flat base, clear ladder invisible gimmick and the very special dice.

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